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The 10 States Where Residents Shoulder the Highest and Lowest Tax Burdens

The U.S. government collects over $5.3 trillion in taxes each year, but which states' denizens are hit the hardest?

When the topic of taxes is broached, income tax (often rightly) tends to hog the spotlight. However that doesn't mean that it constitutes the entirety of the tax burden the average citizen shoulders.

Property taxes, for both real property and cars, and sales tax are but a few more of the numerous levies that states can bring.

But what state asks the most? 

A recent study by credit-builder Self Financial uses the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ expenditure numbers to work out how much tax each state demands (including federal income tax) and then compares that with the average lifetime earnings of its residents to come up with a ranking of which jurisdiction taxes the highest percentage of its denizen's total wealth. Note that these calculations notably exclude inheritance taxes, as only a small percentage of Americans overall are required to pay them, but they, nonetheless, can represent a significant potential expenditure for clients of a certain wealth level. 

Here's a list of the 10 states where residents shoulder the highest and lowest tax burdens.


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