Life in Wells Fargo Bank Channel? Transition Bonus Flexibility?

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Jun 9, 2017 1:00 pm

Hello all; I recently recieved an offer from Wells Fargo in their bank channel as an FA (stand alone, high traffic branch). I'm a branch FA now with a top 10 national bank. My book is about $27MM and I did just over $260k in GDC in the last 12 months. Been a branch FA for two years, started with an $8MM book.

What's it like as a WF branch FA? Pros, cons, experiences?

Also, the transition bonus is 70% of my rolling 12 month GDC. Does hiring manager have room to negotiate? If so up to what amount? Would it be foolish to negotiate and at least request 90-100%?

I know what it's like working in the bank channel, but anything specific to WF or any constructive feedback would be appreciated.