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CFA Level 1 Study Planner

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Mar 20, 2018 12:51 pm

Most of the CFA® pursuers believe that CFA® Program tests are very difficult and arduous but that is not the case unless you make them difficult for yourself. CFA® level I syllabus is directed towards covering wide range of topics related to finance rather than going deep into specific topics. While CFA® aspirants can expect CFA® Level I exams in December, studying alone won’t help you to clear this exam. Planning your study schedule will prepare you to cope up with the extensive study syllabus.

What if someone could help you with how many study hours are required every week from start of study day till the date of your exam, which topics you need to focus on as per your preparations and how much time you need to give to individual topics? Won’t that make your work easy? Well, we have made two CFA® Study planners for all the students who are preparing to appear for CFA® level I and CFA® level II.

Here’s the second reason for failure in the CFA exam. Most of the candidates practice too little.

They study their CFA Curriculum but they fail to test themselves on what they’ve actually learned. What you need to do is to solve countless exam-type questions all way through your exam prep. Over and over again. To see where you’re standing.

It’s best if you develop the right habit from the very beginning. It would be perfect if you tested yourself on a daily basis, after each reading and each topic. If you do tests regularly, you’ll see your progress and you’ll know which areas still need some improvement and which are fine.

Moreover, by doing different exam-type tests, you get accustomed to the form of the CFA exam, which should definitely make you feel more comfortable when the exam day comes.

If what you know about the exam is that it’s a multiple choice test consisting of 120 questions of the morning session and 120 questions of the afternoon session, you will not feel that much comfortable for sure.

To get the fact resonate better:

Imagine that you are to play a basketball match and all you know about basketball is that you need to throw a ball into a basket but never in your life have you tried to score a point. Certainly, you’ll agree that to win that match, you’ll need a lot of luck.

Holiday & Revision

As you must have noticed, our study plan also includes:

1 week of holidays (right in the middle, after you do your Ethics, QM, PM, FRA, and CF, but you can choose otherwise!),

4 weeks of Final Revision preceding your exam (indispensable to be ready for the CFA test),

regular spaced revision sessions all throughout your exam prep (for topics, but also for each week of your study as available inside the Free Study Plan Application).

All this to help you prepare for your exam thoroughly.

The weekly break has 2 functions. On the one hand, it allows you to recharge batteries in the middle of your exam preparation. On the other hand, it motivates you to work hard on the first 5 topics. It’s like an award for those who follow the plan!

And as far as the hard work goes, all the revision sessions arranged inside the study plan give you plenty of space to practice and review what you’ve learned. It’s an important prerequisite to successful and productive learning.