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Am I not meant to be in a bank program?

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Dec 29, 2018 2:56 am

For the last two years, I've been through two bank programs in an advisor role. That said I still consider myself somewhat new to being in sales even though I am in my mid 30's. Before going into the advisor gig, I was supporting advisors.

The first bank program I was with was BMO Harris in Chicago. I can only comment on the branches I had but it wasn't a good experience. The bankers were not given much incentive to refer business to advisors. This may have changed since I left but while I was there I felt like I was on my own to drive business.

The second bank program was a very small regional bank in the Chicago area. Being newer to the area, the bank does not have much market share. The bank clients they do have are typical capital preservation types who invest in CD's, fixed and index annuities. This is fine but I felt it was going to be hard to build a book, let alone a managed book.

So I quit out of frustration. I didn't want the sales goals if I was going to be forced to sling annuities all day. Maybe I was wrong to quit so early in the gig. I've been through two bank brokers in less than two years. Did I make a mistake quitting so soon? I am having some regrets.

Since leaving the banking world, I was able to team up with an RIA. The RIA isn't paying me a salary so I am also working a fulltime gig while I try to find new clients. Should I stuck it out at the bank longer before going independent? I just worry it will take much longer to build my practice to a point where I am doing advising full time again.

Jan 10, 2019 7:56 pm

Stay at the bank until you can have a revenue that supports your living expenses.