You must also Back to the infirmary Linfei feet in the end

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Aug 30, 2012 3:06 am

“He is too good, is simply beyond the imagination of everyone.” After the game Garnett has not had time to leave, when reporters interviewed him, Garnett did not rush of excitement after the performance to win the game,Nike elite jerseys ,nor talk about tactics, these efforts teammates directly put Linfei word directly mentioned first. "I’ve seen a lot of great players, I am also a good player, but I’ve never seen which player has the ability to score so shocking, even if I’ve seen Jordan few such performances. Linfei control the ball when he controlled the stadium, no matter who is in front of him, it seems like a small monkey, and only his sport’s sake. "
The reporter then asked, "Do you think the Celtics is the champion of the division?
"Oh, I think we have always been one to have a championship caliber team, but obviously we do is not good enough we will be very difficult, whenever encountered Warriors, I think only one league championship, but will there are a lot of championship-level team, for example, Warriors, Heat, Bulls, Lakers, Spurs, but I think our team efforts, we are the best team in the league "
As a reporter, it is often very tricky he noticed Garnett to say when these championship teams, there is a sequence. “You mean, the Warriors than the Heat, Bulls more likely to win?”
"Oh I want to say is that we are the most likely team to win, but outside us, I think the Braves are the team most likely, really! Their powerful really hard to imagine game we have almost resorted to full capacity, but the Warriors turned most of the time, Lin Fei did not play, and we fight to the end. they are a strong contender for the championship, because they have the best players in the league. "
Very tricky Reporter “that the best players? Are you sure you do not have one?”
"I am concerned about this kid for a long time, and I do not think there is one, even James in front of me, I will say that there is no one, and his powerful momentum players off the floor is very difficult to understand, if this guy against James and Wade, I think he has enough energy to get rid of them, of course, these the premise that he had no injuries. "
"Oh you say Warriors a and Heat team game, you are still more optimistic about Linfei Warriors?
"Warriors have Linfei really is the best team in the league."
Not significantly adjust Garnett said these words when there is no valid contradiction, he uttered the Celtics are the team most likely to win the league, but in the end they say the Warriors is the league best. Cheap authentic jerseys,But the fans as a professional, surely knew what Garnett said.
Linfei scored 20 points, but his comments inside never a failure downturn like the wording.
Lin Fei greatness seems to have begun to cover the failure of the Warriors. Yes, the Warriors winning streak end again, they began to wave eleven-game winning streak, then after the game completed wave twelve-game winning streak, they played the league’s most surprising, most The awestruck start. If not Linfei accident injured people believe the Warriors winning streak will continue the best start in the league again refresh. People say are Linfei no injuries. . . . . .
All the topics are Lin Fei. Now, he almost has fast become the symbol in the league.
What Bryant, James, now in front of him, seems all abandoned children, only he is the new darling of the league unique.
How to praise Linfei perhaps are, however, almost blowing almost perfect, but this is nothing more than in order to attract the fans the eyeballs come up with a topic, but if the results came out, the media certainly will be immediately moved to other topic, this topic is Lin Fei injury.
Forest fly more than one week before the injury did not how recovery, but in order to ensure the team’s victory, he is, with injuries playing, scored 40 points in the first game, let a lot of people began to worry about the results of the first The two games really had a tragedy, a play on his condition became serious, However Linfei hair fight back pain, and played at the last moment, almost turn the tide, scared the Celtics in a cold sweat. And so he fallen in the last two minutes, when people see is not a kind of swollen feet Linfei the Linfei feet almost numb, the doctor, and even how to judge the situation of no law, you must also Back to the infirmary Linfei feet in the end hurt what it had to judge based on magnetic resonance imaging.
The results of the inspection is fortunately not injured bones, doctors and management as well as coach of the Warriors down inhaled air. Ice immediately, NFL jerseys authentic,or irradiated with infrared lamps to the local injection of refrigerant to inhibit bleeding swelling, and timely and bandage fixed, local heat 1 to 2 days, with a short-wave diathermy, 2 to 3 days to practice walking activities, local soft massage or supplemented by passive activities, about 1 to 2 weeks increasingly heal. This is the best therapy originally Linfei injury before that, but after a week of rest, Lin Fei is forced to play, it touches relapse, doctors strongly recommended that Lin Fei rest two weeks, waiting for the complete rehabilitation.
"Oh, I feel very good! When I used to play is often sprains, wipe the tincture you get, nothing else special treatment., A small sprain, nothing urgent. Nor do you look at, the peak Bryant is not period often with injuries played still able to win the game? "the face of doctors, Lin Fei even say such a thing indifferent. The those doctors Lane Yilengyileng.
"Oh my lad, you do not know, you yellow people’s bone density is small, that is, 90% of blacks, so your bones more prone to injury, while restoring more slowly, I can for your treatment said to be conservative, but also can not be treated like other black players there, wipe the wine, you say how much scientific basis, and I know the way of therapy, acupuncture, but for your safety, I think you better listen to us. "doctors also have their own professional standards, strongly urge the Linfei can not continue to stay on the court, and explained the situation to Nelson.
When the doctor said Lin Fei, Nelson is also a constant concern Linfei feet and frowned. The doctor had finished speaking, and went out the forest fly the first opening.
"Oh Dear Coach! Lose the game is my problem, I should not be the last time to end, but I hope you do not leave me on the injured list, and I do not like his own name in the injured list. as very bad feeling. "
Nielsen bow smiled very kindly smile, his coaching alliance decades, coaching players at least as hundreds of out,NFL jerseys authentic, but never yet which players can focus on the game such as Lin Fei, Victory, and also With that kind of strength. His smile indicated? Explains he promised Linfei requirements. But the next game, Nielsen estimated core will not let Lin Fei play, after all, the injury is likely to affect a player’s career.