Which would you pick, ML, NY LIFE OR PNC

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Aug 2, 2012 12:50 am

I am leaving Edward Jones after 8 months with the firm.  Knocking on doors in The DC Metro area just plain doesn't work.  Not to mention the office I am in has not been updated since the early 90's and looks like a serious dump, I have literally seen clients frown with disgust in the conference room.  iit's pathetic.  I also found out quickly I hate working alone, its so damn boring.

I have three choices on the table as of right now: ML PMD program, NY Life advisor, or PNC Bank Financial Specialist.  

from what I have gathered here are my pros and cons.

ML: pros - its merrill F'n Lynch, I am floored with the thought of being a part of that legendary firm.  huge base pay, from what I have heard it is well over 50k around here. (compared to 24k at jones)

cons: PMD is notoriously impossible

NY Life; pros- top of the industry for many aspects of their business.  Attractive bonus during training.  I woud be in one the top 3 offices in the country.

cons; no base pay

PNC; pro- 47k+ base +  bonus of over 20k a year based on branch performance.  no cold calling,  you only have to call current bank customers and set them up with the in house advisor.

cons- not actually advising, just using my series7 and 66 to set up meetings

any input will be greatly appreciated