UCONN will Dominate College Basketball

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Nov 19, 2005 12:09 am

After watching Syracuse get handled by Florida in the Coaches Vs Cancer Championship Game this evening, can I be the first to say that- I LOVE COLLEGE BASKETBALL.... My prediction isd that my beloved UCONN Huskies will once again dominate the college basketball landscape this year, just like the have done in 1999 and 2004. Josh Boone will become the finest center in the land, Rudy Gay will firmly establish himself as the next great UCONN star (following the likes of Ray Allen, Khalid El-Amin, Richard Hamilton, Caron Butler, Emeka Okafor and Ben Gordon), and once the get back PG Marcus Williams, they will stroll to a National Championship.... Jim Calhoun is arguably the finest coach in College Ball right know.... Let the predictions and $hit talking begin.... I am off to the bar....

Nov 19, 2005 1:38 pm

14 views and not one reply?

Nov 19, 2005 10:02 pm
Ok I will reply . It is still kind of early to think a whole lot about BB with Football going on ,but I will agree that UCONN will be right there contending . I am a Ucla fan and they are probably about a year away but I believe that Arizona belongs right up there. You can' forget Duke either. The funny thing is that there is a pretty good team called the Texas Longhorns and they have a big game coming up vs Duke on Dec 10th .Funny thing I think everyone in Austin dosen't realize a Basketball team exists. All they will be thinking about is their game against SC on Jan 4th.
Nov 19, 2005 10:35 pm

I’m not a Duke fan, but I can’t see how anyone will stroll to a national championship past Duke.

Nov 21, 2005 12:00 pm

Let's see, Blarm, who might I favor??  Maybe my username gives a hint.

I'm biased, but I think the Blue Devils will be really something special this year (and, no, I don't believe that every year).  Seniors Williams & Redick are two pre-season first team All Americans.  Soph Nelson is healthy now & should be an animal this year (holds CA all-time high school scoring record & was also a high school All American in football).  Dockery at point is starting out amazing (15 to 1 assist to turnover ratio so far).  Just with them you'd have a similar Sweet 16 team like last year, when there was no depth.  But, the 5 freshman will all be major assets.  Paulus (who was #1 high school quarterback in the nation last year) is a natural point guard & will press Dockery for minutes later in the year, McRoberts could have been an NBA lottery pick last year, & the other three are really solid and all would be starting on other major college teams.

With a deep team this year the traditional stong Duke defense should be among its best.  (Did you see what they did to poor Seton Hall? -- 15 minutes before its first & next field goal)  With all the fresh legs they'll be able to bring in, they'll be able to keep the usual Duke pressure during the entire game -- no more tired out bodies like last year.

And to top it off you have Coach K, who's biggest challenge probably will be in balancing all the depth he has to make sure they get their minutes (unlike last year when Reddick, Williams, & Duhon had to play almost every minute).  Blarmston -- Jim Calhoun as "arguably the finest coach" in BB this year -- yes, very arguably.  (I think you wrote that knowing the reaction it would get.  Right Blarm??)  Coach K I believe has been Nat'l Coach of the year 12 times in his 25 years at Duke.  Will be head coach for the US Olympic team.  I'll put my bets on Coach K over Calhoun any day, although Calhoun is a great one. 

Nov 21, 2005 12:52 pm

Nice.. This is much better boys. A couple observations. I agree that Texas will be a solid contender at the end,with their depth and epxerience they will do well, and that they dont get the press they deserve. Arizona is a perenial qulaity regular season team but they flake out in the dance ( except for 97 when they cut nets), and that Lute Olsen is one og the greatest coaches in history.

As for Duke, I agree that Williams and Redick are the finest in/out side combo in the country. My questions is how they will do when Redick has an off night because he has 2 guys blanketing him, or when Williams, who is prone to make silly fouls, ends up on the bench with foul trouble. And Dockery, who is a competent PG, will see his porductivity drop off when they confront the ACC season. And yes, Coach K is the real deal, a great coach who runs a classy program.

But lets speak of the past 2 times UCONN has faced Duke in big time games. The Huskies defeated Duke in the '99 title game, and again in 2004 in the Final Four. ( Not to bring up sad memories Duke#1).

With Marcus Williams coming back in January, and the recent development that our star freshman PG AJ Price may be cleared to play, the fact that the Big East with the inclusion of Marquette, Cincy,Lousiville, etc is probably the toughest conference from top to bottom, and along with the other tools already mentioned, UCONN will be cutting down the Finals nets in a couple months.

Ahhhh, college basketball- the best...

Nov 21, 2005 4:21 pm

Blarmston wrote: "UCONN will be cutting down the Finals nets in a couple months."

Blarm, I'll gladly give you that.  Whatever Finals are held in January I'll concede that to UCONN.  Just leave the finals nets in March to Duke!

Actually, Blarm, how about a friendly bet -- if UCONN finishes higher than Duke I'll join a wirehouse; if Duke finishes higher you go independent!  I know my side of the bet is a much larger give-up, but that's the confidence I have this year in the devils.

Nov 21, 2005 4:35 pm

Sounds good.  I'll work with both of you to find you good homes. 

Just kidding, of course.

Nov 21, 2005 5:42 pm

"Blarm, I'll gladly give you that.  Whatever Finals are held in January I'll concede that to UCONN.  Just leave the finals nets in March to Duke! "

But didnt we already take you down in 1999? And again in 2004 in the Nat. Semis? Granted the former occurred nearly 7 years ago, but how could Rip Hamilton, Jake Voskuhl, Richard Freemand, and little fat pudgy Khalid El Amin take down the mighty Blue Devils, with Corey Maggete, Trajan Langdon,Elton Brand, and so on? And how did Ben Gordon and Omeka take down your squad in 2004? Oh, thats right, by being a better team... And it will be the same again this year my friend....

"Sounds good.  I'll work with both of you to find you good homes.  Just kidding, of course."

No, youre not. And I like that...