Stan - Stan Van Gundy for Wu Feng

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Aug 17, 2012 4:51 am

However, Stan - Stan Van Gundy for Wu Feng mistakes and foul, and did not worry too much. Almost every one is just entering the NBA players go through these, only a very small number of players entered the NBA will be able to get rid of the mistakes and foul trouble, which is to see the players ability to quickly adapt to the NBA this more intense, more the harsh environment.
Wu Feng in the first half of the performance is very good, but Wu Feng's sworn enemy, Jamal - Nelson?
Jamal - Nelson in the first half scoring 9 points, 3 assists, two rebounds and two steals. Although he scored more than Wu Feng, ten shots, almost twice that of the Wu Feng, not to mention his 10 shots and hit only four balls. - Chris Duhon's on bit, which voted in four-ball, hit two goals. In other words, Jamal - Nelson and Wu Feng alignment, a total shot six times, nike nfl jerseys ,but only hit two goals, we can see the defensive capacity of the Wu Feng caused no small trouble to Jamal - Nelson .
Him as a point guard in the first half of the time on the shot ten times more than the team's boss, Dwight - Howard less time, sent out three assists and only, do not blame the fans that he is pseudo- guard.
"Well." Dwight - Howard Wu Feng drink and gave it to him.
"Thank you." Wu Feng, a smile on Dwight - Howard said.
Dwight - Howard shrugged, then smiled and Wu Feng said: "Man, your performance great. Whether you believe it or not, man, I love you more and more."
"Ga ... Wu Feng Gang drink into the drink directly sprayed Dwight - Howard look.
"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry ..." Wu Feng hastened to apologize to 'Warcraft' side of apology side picked up a towel to wipe up for him.
Dwight - Howard depressed grabbed the towel in the hands of Wu Feng said: "I said, man, what are you doing?"
After all, Dwight - Howard as a superstar, Wu Feng in front of this rookie who still have some star proud. Even Dwight - Howard's character, no matter how good, Wu Feng, he passed the ball before the game inside, Dwight - Howard still does not tell smb. What one's real intentions are so quick to ingratiate themselves with the Wu Feng. After all, Wu Feng is his teammates, there may be only a short period teammates, is not a true friend. True friend, Wholesale Coach purses  ,even re destined, also needs some time to get along.
"Excuse me, I just heard you say you like me more and more, I think you are gay ..." Wu Feng and so on Dwight - Howard said.
Listening to Wu Feng, Dwight - Howard directly in amazement.
"I rely on the sexual orientation of I is very normal." Dwight - Howard directly to Wu Feng shouted.
Dwight - Howard roar, and immediately attracted the attention of all. Everyone to hear these words of Dwight - Dwight Howard, at first hesitated, then all laugh.
Wu Feng embarrassing scratched his head, then hammer the Dwight - Howard, said: "Man, why did not you just say so ambiguous?
- Dwight Howard is also very depressed, but he was not angry, it also fully reflects the good temper of Dwight - Howard.
All sat together chatting, and soon, the rest of the midfielder end.
The second half began, Wu Feng, Stan - Stan Van Gundy arrangement in the starting lineup - Chris Duhon as a substitute on the bench.
This is the wishes of Wu Feng Fu, however, this is not - Chris Duhon to.
"Damn, this guy will not replace my position?" Chris - Duhon Pielepiezui the.
But then I thought, Wu Feng, this guy performed well in a match, but want to take their own place, it is not possible. - Chris Duhon for the strength and experience, still very confident.
Jamal - Nelson Breakthrough, the face of a positive defense of the Wu Feng, emergency stop jumper shot. But the ball was Wu Feng interference, although there is no cap to the ball, or bizarre non-stick directly Dwight - Howard Qianglexialai.
"Wu." Dwight - Howard big hands toss the ball directly into the hands of Wu Feng.
Wu Feng received the ball, cast legs,cheap authentic jerseys,like a take off run wild and flew away towards the half of the A team. Then half of the A team has two players to drop a good bit back on defense. Wu Feng side, in addition to Wu Feng, actually there are two players now moving fast.
"Carter!" Wu Feng ball handed Vince - Carter's hands.
Vince - Carter stormed from the left point line, ready to march to a three-step basket. But Rashard Lewis - stand in front of him, seeing Vince - Carter, we should have been '100 Mr.' Rashad - Lewis's cover, saw the UFO direct the ball back to the from the middle cut into the Wu Feng.
Wu Feng does not catch, but the hand wave the ball appropriated for the right side of the rim.
"Bang clang" sound, Ryan - Anderson, a note of hands dunk, so that the entire basketball tremble.
"Roar ..." Ryan - Anderson let go back to the floor, his hands constantly hammering his chest, a loud roar.
B team players all passionately motivated by the ball, including the two of Wu Feng and Vince - Carter.

This ball is too wonderful, wonderful between the three players with especially the last look, Wu Feng ball appropriated for the basket on the right that assists amazing, for rookie of Wu Feng.
Strike, just superb. "Otis - Smith applauded the Road.
Otis - Smith turned to look at Stan - Stan Van Gundy, "Man, this is really lucky, I dare say, if Joe - Joe Dumars, the bastard see Wu's performance will regret it in the pen - thigh. "
Stan - Stan Van Gundy nodded, then looked at Wu-feng, Otis - Smith smiled and replied: "I am the general manager of Mr.,nfl jerseys authentic,I have to admire your vision, but still eye Ruju signed a Chinese boy . "
Words after listening to Stan - Stan Van Gundy, Otis - Smith triumphantly, like a bucket wins big cock, almost went to Joe - Joe Dumars before the swaggering, patting him on the desk and loudly: "You idiot, turned out to be laid off Wu, waiting for you to cry!"
Stan - Stan Van Gundy is also excited about some of the thirsty, he did not expect a chance, turned out to be the Wu Feng in their eyes, this young man with unlimited potential. Stan - Stan Van Gundy before the Wu Feng came to Orlando workouts, has been that he is a fool's players, but now, Wu Feng in his heart, completely transformed.
And Wu Feng-bit Jamal - Nelson is surprised that his chin almost dislocated, and he did not think in front of the Chinese kid can be so excellent.