Salary based bank plan

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Nov 13, 2012 1:42 am

My past two jobs have been swimming upstream from the sound of most people in the industry. I have set up investment programs for banks. My current job is with a $400m bank with 6 branches in ski resort towns and three around Denver. I took the branches in the ski towns and charged them each $1000 to cover my salary and expenses. I was selling only packaged product…funds insurance and annuities. Goal was to more than break even in the program first year … We did. First year to date I am on target WITH ONLY THREE BRANCHES making any sort of referrals!. I am measured by not only how much GDC I make, but how my business facilitates loans and prevents client money from leaving. The program also allows that I provide a service to bank clients… I am paid a salary and the clients are not just AUM. Should I hit it out of the park I get a bonus. Now the bank has just been taken over and they are going to join with one of the asset management firms owned by an investor in the bank. Looks like I am out of work at year end… Anyone know of who runs a similar program? Hard for me to move as I never have built a book…only set up programs and provided a service. Love to hear others thoughts…

Nov 13, 2012 1:48 am

Forgot to mention… My b/d is ICA and all I do is direct business. Takes almost two hours to open account at bd, do paperwork for product and finally submit business. When I started at Pru-Bache in 1983 it was a one page form…