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Apr 22, 2009 7:08 pm

Any Raymond James reps have an opinion on the new Market Q market data offering that was just rolled out ?  I’m considering moving to RJ, but really love my Thomson One so wonder how it compares ?  Function, speed, etc.  Thanks !

May 7, 2009 1:49 pm

It is much better than Reuters and it does not hog as much bandwidth.  It is web based and it gives much more bang for the buck than others that I have seen.

Jul 3, 2014 12:00 pm

I am considering joining RJ and interested on any feedback on the Market Q. I understand from the comments above the platform is based on a cloud system which requires less bandwidth are there any other benefits, efficiencies? Cost, integration, etc, thank you.

Sep 26, 2014 5:19 pm

I switched over to Market Q over a year ago and have been very happy with it. You can build multiple portfolios to tell clients in real time how their portfolio is doing for the day. With a click, sort by winners and losers. Make multiple screens depending on your needs. Cloud based, so it does not slow down your PC and cause other programs to slug along. News is weak, so you may need to add a subscription, which may be an add on fee. Overall, a very robust system that rarely crashes. I’m not with Raymond James, though we clear through them as an independent correspondent firm.