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Oct 10, 2008 7:25 pm

Does anybody know if RayJay pays a recruiting package?  If they do, roughly what is it?

Oct 10, 2008 7:47 pm

Yes, at least on the RJA side.  Recently came over from AGE.  RJ isn’t buying producers like some of the  others have been.  Expect a package of 60% ± t12, with other nuggets available depending on your production, desireability and negotiating skills.  Follow-on bonuses apply with targets at go-date +12 months, +24 months, etc.  It’s a great environment, especially in light of everything else going on.

Oct 11, 2008 10:35 am

Thanks for the information.  Sounds similar to Stifel.  Looks to me both of those firms are weathering the issues of the markets quite well.   Speaks well of both.

Oct 11, 2008 12:23 pm

We looked hard at Stifel, but they were too distracted by the big movers on the west coast to want to put down a new footprint here in northern Fla.  Are you getting good follow through with Stifel’s recruiting dept?  We talked directly with Ron K. on the phone several times trying to get somebody to come down here and talk with us, but their inability to act on that pushed us hard to RJ.  Ultimately, I think in our market a Fla. company has been a better overall match.  But we really liked everything Stifel seemed to be about.