Quest Capital

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May 27, 2008 6:02 pm

Does anyone have any information on this company?  One thing I noticed is that they allow advisors to work part-time.    
May 27, 2008 7:36 pm

I presume you’ve never been in this business; otherwise, you’d know that working part-time in this business (and gaining any traction) is a virtual impossibility. There are many failed full-time advisors who have spent (at a minimum), several hours per day marketing themselves and they still couldn’t generate enough business to stay in it. Consider these ratios when deciding whether to take the plunge: 500/100/10/1

- out of 500 contacts (when you talk to a person), - only 100 don't curse you, - out of that number, you get 10 appointments, - from which you get 1 account.   If you can master these numbers on a part-time basis, you're a better marketer than me.   Also, check into the costs involved in getting sponsored and registered. I'm sure you'd shoulder most, if not all the costs.   Quest might be good for someone who already has a book, but can't generate enough money to stay in it full-time.   Do your own due diligence.     
May 4, 2016 6:41 pm


Just responding to the prior posts, Quest Capital is truly a broker-centric independent BD and SEC-registered RIA with reps throughout the country. We clear through RBC and have developed one of the most comprehensive offerings for RRs and IA’s in the industry. I would welcome the opportunity to provide more information regarding our firm.


Joe Nikolson, CEO
Quest Capital