Opp at CU, should I take it?

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Oct 18, 2011 7:31 pm

Small B/D offering position with two local CUs totalling about $200mm in deposits.

Payout is:

30% - 0 to $240k

31% - $240k to $360k

32% - $360k to $420k

33% - $420k+

There are also 1% bonuses for hitting certain tiers after that  all the way up to 5%, so at $700k the payout is 38%.

For all business outside of the credit union the payout is 50%.

There is an unforgivable draw of about $24k a year.

There are no haircuts on revenue from products (I.E. some VAs pay 7% not 4%)

I would be taking over for the rep who is currently in my city and has been working there for 20+ years and is looking for someone to take over the biz (downfall is she is only series 6 licensed and has mainly MF and annuity biz, not sure what size the book is).

I have worked for Chase and I did well but I was in a city that I didn't want to stay at forever so I left. I know the bank environment but one day want to go independent as well. I will be starting again from scratch but see myself staying in the area for the rest of my career (if possible).

Any thoughts?? I haven't gottent the offer yet, but they seem pretty interested.