Memphis Grizzlies may trade Rudy Gay this summer?

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Jun 18, 2012 3:31 am

NFL wholesale jerseys  reported NBA news online :This season,Grizzliesbe was eliminated by Clipper. It increase the possibility of being traded about Rudy Gay.

All the leagues mediaes hold the ideas that Memphis Grizzlies want to throw away the contract of Rudy. Now Rudy is not priceless for Grizzlies. If the offers is attractive in the next few months .the trade will be happening.

It will attract many teams scramble for him whom just 25-year-old including Golden State Warriors,Toronto Raptors,Brooklyn the Nets and Orlando Magic

A few executives maintain Grizzlies give Rudy up because they can't pay the salary  because Memphis Grizzlies gave Marc Gasol ,Zach Randolph ,Mike Conley long-term contracts.So they want to save cap salary.

Many executives thought Gay is a gifted player and have a up-and-coming future.It is sixth years while he has been in NBA and still make progresses.

We don't know which team he will play for.But we still believe he will play better than now.