Live Webinar - Beyond Digital Signature: Client Onboarding in Wealth Management

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Jul 4, 2016 1:33 pm

Hi there,

I wanted to let the community know that our company Agreement Express will be hosting a webinar featuring the intricacies of a digital onboarding process in wealth management firms. We’re a SaaS company that specializes in automating the client onboarding process for the financial services industry.

Details can be found below:

"Wealth firms with digital signature technology are on the right track. But they've only scratched the surface in digital client onboarding and aren't fully satisfying their clients' expectations. 

Join us on July 21 to learn how your firm can benefit from a fully paperless onboarding process that will allow you to collect and reuse client data to make critical business decisions, improve the client experience, and more." 

Feel free to register and ask any questions! Register here: