The Kool-Aid

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Jan 2, 2006 9:51 am

Things I am never drinking again.....

#10 Keeping on knocking you will never run out of doors.

#9 "I'm still knocking on doors" 11 year vet. LIAR

#8 The mentor is there for you. NO HE IS THERE FOR LP

#7 "What changed my business is (insert any regional meeting lie)_______" NO WHAT CHANGED YOUR BUSINESS IS INHERITING A 45 MILLION DOLLAR BOOK!!

#6 You can not do a client wrong with American Funds


#4 The best technology in the industry (my god can everyone else be that bad??)

#3 Imagine standing on your front steps Mr Prospect look to the left, who do you see? Look to the Right Who do you see? Look across the street who do you see? (the latest of how to beg for refferals.)

#2 Don't try and sell yourself, Sell Jones we have the greatest reputation and track record. (Here no one has even heard of Jones except for the 5 guys who have benged on their doors before me. So I guess that is a great reputation)

#1 Sytematic door knocking. Park your car and Knock on every door. "My best account is from a guy who lives in a rusty 1971 10x40 foot trailer... I would have never guessed he had $36,000. I knocked on his door and sold him a 3pt 35 year bond and made my month"

Jan 2, 2006 2:16 pm

A 35 year bond A good firm would teach you not to sell a 35 year bond in this environment today! I cannot believe Jones would allow you to do this to some one! Man you and every one else have  got to get out of there!   Jone wins on that bond the client does not he is left holding it not Jones you did them a favor they might have got stuck sitting on that bond in there own inventory! Depending on how they under wrote it!  

Jan 2, 2006 8:36 pm

Call your bond dept. and get a bid on that bond you just sold to Jethro. Then wait for the statement to see how that bond is being “priced”. Can you live with the result?

Jan 2, 2006 10:35 pm

By the way my best account is not a guy in a trailer… That was just a summary of all the crazy things all the “vets” have said to me during my addiction of drinking Kool Aid. I did not sell 35 year bonds. Matter of fact I refused to do it. My best account is well over 7 figures by the way.