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Nov 16, 2009 7:58 pm

GuruFocus, November 12, 2009) Leading in the interview with Ken Heebner, CNBC shows Treasury Secretary Geithner reiterate his view on a strong dollar policy in Asia Summit. Ken Heebner, portfolio manager of Capital Growth Management has the following to say:

1. US is benefiting from the dollar slide so is China as the depreciation of their currencies helps their export.

2. Heebner is optimistic about the stock market. His reason is rather intriguing: we have years growth ahead of us as the high unemployment can fuel the growth without creating high inflation. High growth and no inflation is ideal for the stock market.

3. Gold and stock market can go up together. Heebner said he is much better at valuating the stocks than gold.

4. Heebner says he like Ford Motor Company (F). The management turned around a lousy company and made a billion dollars in the third quarter.

Huge labor pool, low inflation, low rates, Govt stimulation, emerging economies=major bull run for years.

Full Story-ken heeb

Nov 16, 2009 9:55 pm

March 6, 2009 was an amazing day.

Nov 17, 2009 9:24 pm

It didn’t seem amazing until a few months later…but that is my fogged up view of that day/week.  I was busy filling my pants because of the buying I did in Jan & Feb.

  BTW Shania, thanks for the new pic, keep up the good work. Brings back great memories....