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Oct 11, 2010 1:48 pm

So I've been working for the same firm for 4 years since college graduation and it's been very challenging as you can imagine.  I may have to move on from my current firm because of low production numbers. 

I don't know IF I'll have to move, but If I do have to, I want to have thought through my options.  I'm thinking that with my previous background in traditional banking that I would be most attractive to banks than firms.  I am concerned about finding placement given the current job market. 

I'd prefer flexibility with client offerings.  I am concerned that working for a bank would limit actual financial planning services, which is a good part of my practice model since I believe it helps clients understand their own finances and make suitable decisions.   

So, that being said, what banks do you believe would be a good fit?

I'd appreciate your feedback.