Experienced Advisor with 7, 66 seeking b/d

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Jun 9, 2011 12:49 am

experienced (25+ yrs) rr/ria back to the business trying to get hired...no book

i know...i can take the shots for no book...i left in 00 to found a chain of consumer loan branches (9)

had health probs in 05 and had to sell the chain...still recovering went with ML in 07 08 but didnt get past the march 08 cuts...major conflict with the BM

still have 7, 66 but left small ind b/d 10/2010...

at midwest regional in 80s and 90s averaged 500k gross

at my own (had 24) indy b/d ria 92-2000 ave 300k in small town before i built the chain

i know the prob that i have overcoming the lack of book and other fin issues but the reason im on here is to find out if anyone has some good ideas about who might need a very experienced and hardworking bond salesman and securities guy.

i have kept extremely current with regard to products, etc. and given the bare minimum support i can generate large tickets in a hurry...

any ideas?