Edward Jones: your experience leaving

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Dec 20, 2011 8:08 pm

After about 4 years with Jones I am ready to go independent.  A concern that I have is the non-compete agreement.  I am curious to know what I can expect and what other EDJ defectors have experienced in the way of firm action (other than the new guy in my chair...correction, the firms chair).

Thoughts? Advice?


Dec 21, 2011 8:36 am

I left without any problem, they will send you a non compete letter about taking their clients, they accused me of taking files from the office. They don't remember that we do not keep client files in the office.  If you did the correct job for your clients they will follow you and EJ can't do a thing about it. Do not do a mailing to the clients do not phone call them. Put an ad in the paper saying that you had made a change and they will contact you. If they don't follow you they are clients you don't need anyway. You may run it to some clients; at church, the mall etc... that is when you talk to them.