Chase Bank vs. Guardian

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May 17, 2008 9:12 pm

Chase seems like it has an impressive offer... 2 or 3 branches, access to transaction files, CD holders, and more... No term/whole Life insurance, Just annuities.  Decent commission schedule.  But the Reps that I have talked to "warn" me that banks are "bad"... But none of them have worked at a bank, or have any real reasons.

  The Guardian firm is more like AXA, but promises a better, faster training program. Better payout, better enviroment... And they sound like they could deliver the goods.     (warning this message is not posted to piss anyone off and I did not post this with an attitude or a chip on my shoulder.  I mean no one harm and I am only trying to communicate with more expierence about a topic that interests me and possible other posters and lurkers.  I do admit that I am guilty of "air" quotes!)