Changing up a Team’s Roster in League and CS: GO

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May 25, 2016 9:01 pm

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Last week I wrote an article about shuffling rosters from the perspective of Dota2 teams. This time I’ve expanded to include League and CS: GO, two other games that are plagued by the shifting sands of changing rosters, albeit in slightly different ways.

I find it interesting that Riot has written into their rules that “No Team Member…may lure, or make an offer of employment to any official coach or player to breach or otherwise terminate a contract with said LCS team. ” I’m admittedly not a huge follower of League, but even I heard about the Bjergsen poaching incident in 2014. He was fined $2000 for poaching players off Lemondogs. One has to wonder, what is it about these players that makes it worth risking a large fine? A good example from Dota [I know, I said this article would be about League and CS:GO, I lied] is the never-ending anime-esque romance of Arteezy. Seems like any time he’s willing to change teams, everybody drops everything (and sometimes drops another player) to woo him.

Is it a smart idea to plan your team roster around one player? I suppose the logic behind it is that the organizations see more potential in one player than they did in the other four combined. When i asked some of our other writers to weigh in, the example on everyone’s mind is the recent rebuilding of NRG. NRG finished the spring split a respectable 9-9 and placing 5th-6th overall. The decision to cut four players and rebuild entirely around the midlaner seems a little draconian. It also seems a little like putting all your eggs in one basket – if your star player doesn’t work out, you’ve now potentially pissed off a ton of fans and alienated the players who were cut.

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