Arbitration Process/ How I Got There

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Feb 8, 2008 6:40 pm

In my original post, “Henryhill” asked how I got there, how scared was I etc.

  Warning: this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth- so I don't want to hear/see any complaints this is just another Jones Bashing Thread.   I was a Seg IV Broker at Jones heading into my fifth year. Volunteered for anything and everything. Held several posts on Leadership Team, etc. Ranked in the top 10%  of my region for production.    I filed two formal complaints against a General Partner, asking for investigation into his actions. Associate Relations (aka Human Resources) did NOT investigate the incidents, but instead discussed the complaints with the two G.P.'s over the other G.P. The senior G.P.'s instructed Associate Relations to dismiss the claims, and they would "handle it".   Less than 45 days later I was called into St. Louis, raked over the coals for three hours in a room by five people, and given a Final Written Warning for filing the complaints.   So, I sued Edward Jones.    The Arbitration process and the panel of three attorneys were excellent. Edward Jones came into the Arbitration room with four laptop computers, their attorney, his assistant, two General Partners, live feed to the legal Department in St. Louis and 12 'witnesses'.   I had myself, my attorney and his yellow legal pad. We called one witness.   I went with the intention of telling what happened to me. If nothing else came of it, I wanted to tell a Panel of Arbitrators what happened to me. And they listened. And they asked great questions. And they could see through the attempts to mask the truth, stray from the main issues and did not endure dramatics.
Feb 8, 2008 7:20 pm

Munytalks, I mean this sincerely.

I applaud your courage…that could not have been an easy decision or an easy action to carry out. You’ve demonstrated integrity of the first order.

Feb 9, 2008 9:10 am

What was your complaint against the GP? And this is not meant discredit your story or defend Jones…I have just never seen or heard of anything like this in our region. A few guys have been fired, but they had been found to be doing REALLY stupid things (i.e. serious compliance violations, etc.). Also, how long ago was this? I just like to keep my eyes and ears open, as I know some of the things i read on these boards are true.

Feb 10, 2008 1:30 pm
First- Philo:  Thank you for the kind words and support.  It was the single most difficult thing/time in my life.   Second- Broker24: It is not unusual that you would not have heard of such a thing in your region- and further that you are made aware of Broker 'indiscretions' after the fact. That is no coincidence.  It was the same in my region.  When top producers or even successful brokers would leave, there would be this 'discovery' of 'serious compliance issues'.  In most cases, our Regional Leader/ GP would say "It's a good thing Broker24 is no longer with us, he wasn't 'Jones Material'- there's some things about him you don't know......"    Part of keeping a cult in order is to assure the remaining members that they are 'right'-and to point out that those who leave were not 'good enough' to remain- or they was something 'wrong' with them.   This happened in my region so often, that I began to see through the mantra of "Well, there were 'things' about them you didn't know"... I was on Leadership Team. I knew many of the people who left quite well. They went on to very successful careers after Jones- something that would likely not be possible if they truly had extreme ethical issues or compliance issues. Most left because the Regional Leader was a Professional Bully who made the joys of working in an entreprenural environment non-existant.   The General Partners in St. Louis- two who ranked in the top 10- were very well aware of his actions. The Arbitration process revealed many written documents verifying this- yet the General Partners did nothing to intercede on behalf of myself- or any other IR of the time.  
Feb 10, 2008 8:34 pm


I admire you for the "intestinal fortitude" that it took to stand up against the regime. You are correct about the constant cover-ups, and keeping the cult in order by proclaiming that those who leave were not a good fit for Jones.Absolutely everyone who left was a loser and would not have made it at Jones ,or, like you indicated had compliance problems. My regional leader refused to take action on more than one occasion on theft of information from an office by a BOA,  as well as other activities that should not have been overlooked. I decided that it was not worth the fight, but I am glad you fought and won.