Applying to Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor

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Sep 16, 2008 5:25 am

How does the recent buyout from Bank of America affect Merrill Lynch and my application?

I was considering faxing my resume to the brokerage. How is that going to have an affect? Can they still hire me? I’m lost. What do I do? What changes?

Sep 16, 2008 8:31 am

Now you don’t need to fax your resume in…you can just drop it by the local neighborhood Bank of America branch.  If they hire you they’ll also give you a free toaster!

Sep 16, 2008 7:41 pm

Business as usual. Take it into the branch manager, or fax it in as you were going to. Life goes on…

Sep 16, 2008 8:21 pm

I wouldn’t fax it in, I’d at least try to get the BOA, errrr, BOM’s e-mail address and send it directly to him/her.  If you don’t hear back in a few days after doing that try delivering it in person.