Anyone made the switch from Merrill to MerrillEdge

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Aug 6, 2012 3:50 pm

I did a bit of searching without much luck. I'm currently with ML and doing well, haven't had any hiccups so far. I'm still very new to the business (only been with ML for 1.5 years).

I'm currently in a market further away from my family than I'd prefer. I have a potential opportunity to move to Merrill Edge which would be within a few hours from most of my immediate and extended family.

My question: Has anyone made that switch or is anyone currently working for Merrill Edge. Short term, it would be  great switch. Long term, I want to be able to get on with a team in the general area.

Anyone's thoughts? I should add that my cousin currently works for them and I've picked her brain quite a bit about it. With that said, she came from another firm so she doesn't have a complete set of answers to my questions.

Thanks in advance.

Aug 20, 2012 8:37 am

Are you an advisor for ML? Nothing should stop you from just moving back to be near your family. They don’t care where you work and you can prospect both places.

Aug 22, 2012 10:40 pm

Ask to transfer to a closer ML office. They should be able to accommodate you, especially if you are one of the few PMDs hitting their hurdles. DO NOT go to Merrill Edge (I’m assuming that you will be in a bank branch). They are still tinkering with the pay and there are issues with referrals. It is nothing like a traditional bank program (Wells, PNC, etc.).