Annual meeting of the city's first brand-building

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Dec 29, 2011 10:29 pm

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11 afternoon of 18 held in Jingdezhen City Ceramic brand building recognition of the meeting, Mun Cheap Wedding dresses icipal Committee, vice mayor Huang Kangming said the city building and the Millennium brand ceramic porcelain does not correspond to the title, and other ceramic production area rela Spagetti Straps Wedding Dresses tively more shameful. Ceramics at all levels and enterprises should join forces, and strengthen brand awareness, guide enterprises stronger, to do homework Jingdez Summer dresses hen ceramics cult vure deep in the world, Jingdezhen ceramics industry to consolidate the position.

summary of the 2010 annual meeting of the city's first brand-building efforts and ceramic work f silk wedding dresses or the next phase of deployment, and the 2010 new year well-known trademarks recognized ceramic and ceramic brand business advanced units and advanced individuals were awards.

Huangkang Ming in his speech that in recent years, with the deepening of the socialist mark Fake watches et, the brand more and more important for the development of enterprises, people's understanding of the brand also continued to deepen. The city now  Christian louboutin shoes has a ceramic industry has known trademarks in China, 23 in Jiangxi Province, 16 cities well-known trademarks, registered trademarks of 200 ceramic pieces, the em cheap Maternity wedding dress ergence of a large number of consumers recognized ceramic brand. However, with the city more than 2900 households compared to ceramic manufacturers, this is just a sm Christian louboutin sale all part, explain most of the ceramics manufacturer brand awareness is still weak.

At the same time, has a thousand y Uggs ears of history and cultural heritage of Jingdezhen porcelain has only one product support is not well-known trademark Copy rolex watches s in China, this area compared with other ceramic products, it is shameful. 

the face of this situati iphone on, Jingdezhen ceramics enterprises are still pressing hard, the relevant government departments should do whatever the service, to guide enterprises in the fierce market com Rolex Replica petition, not quantity, but in quality, with strong, excellent win, and more to create some good quality, awareness is high, there are innovative products, we work together to form a ne Ugg w porcelain achievements and consolidate the pattern of Jingdezhen ceramics industry in Christian louboutin  the world in the position.