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May 31, 2005 1:25 pm

Does anyone have any experience (or know someone who has) working in the wealth management sector of an accounting firm like Deloitte or mid-sized firm more along the lines of a RSM McGladrey or Virchow Krause?  I am curious about what type of salary and benefits would accompany such a position (mid level) and what other pros and cons it may have versus working for a traditional brokerage.  (what type of referral base is available, etc.) In addition, I'm curious if these types of positions are on a partnership track or are considered more of a support role.

I may have an opportunity to go that route in the not too distant future (middle market), but I don't know many others who have done it and really do not fully understand what to expect.  I was hoping to gather some basic information concerning these types of positions in order to develop a jumping off point when interviewing and being interviewed by such a firm.  Thanks in advance.