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Aug 6, 2009 11:48 pm
I currently have a Samsung OfficeServ 7200 phone system for my office. It's a piece of crap - extremely limited information on the handsets, complicated voicemail, incredibly complicated interface that requires recording keystrokes for commands that reminds me of learning morse code in the Boy Scouts. And a manual that is hundreds of pages long and written by people whose primary language isn't English. Only an expert on the system can change anything. The MS Outlook integration is buggy and fragile - and constantly breaking down for no reason.   So, I'm looking to move over to a VOIP solution over the next year. It seems like it will be cheaper, easier and more powerful. In particular, integration with Outlook has made my life a lot easier - as I can make more calls and keep notes more easily. Consequently, I'm looking for a softphone/VOIP solution that integrates well with MS Outlook. Ideally, something that could eventually replace our existing crappy phone system with voicemail and have good, big screen handsets that give you lots of information about your calls and where you could have something like visual voicemail and easy call transfers between my SAs and me. Something like Cisco's solution for a big office or Skype business with handsets that were better. We would need to transfer calls between 5-6 stations and have a conference room speakerphone.   I've looked at Skype, but they don't seem to be able to get any handset makers to play along with their business product. And there are some "no-name" brands out there, like TalkSwitch, but I'm inclined to use Cisco's new small business sytem.   Appreciate anyone with experience's thoughts. Specifically:   Does anyone have any recommendations on VOIP services and phone systems? Has anyone made the move over to VOIP recently? What was your experience like?   Thanks
Aug 22, 2009 4:03 pm

See http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/business-voip-reviews.htm for carrier choices.