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SunGard, EISI or other?

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Feb 28, 2011 3:01 am

I am a small independant advisor looking for a good financial planning platform.  I would like to try to keep the cost around $1000 but I realize it may be a challenge to fill my needs at that price (I can get discounts on most titles through my BD).  I don't have a huge book and most of my clients are in the accumulation phase, though I do have a few larger clients.  I want whatever I end up with to be robust, flexible and be suitable for clients up to around $10 million net worth.  If I start getting larger clients, upgrading to EMoney would probably be in the cards but right now it would be too expensive.  I would like the program to be intuitive to use and produce professional looking, yet easily read and cusomizable reports for my clients.  My typical plans will include any or all of: Financial statements, risk/allocation analysis, insurance analysis, tax analysis, pre-retiement goals, education funding, retirement analysis (including education if applicable) and plan of action/recommendation.  Additional features that would be nice are Monte Carlo, estate planner and IPS generator, though I know that some of those would be optional add-ons to the software.

I have used SunGard a bit in the past and it seems to do a decent job.  It is flexible and seems to have the horsepower I need.  Not sure what my price on it is but will find out tommorow.  It may end up being my best bet since I already know it.  I downloaded the trial version of Profiles Forecaster and though the price is right and I like the aesthetics of it, I think it is too limited for my needs.  I am going to check out Profiles Professional and maybe NaviPlan to see how they compare.  MoneyGuidePro looks pretty robust but the reports look a little busy and overwhelming in my opinion.  Open to other suggestions but I have checked out most options I have and on the outside, either Sungard, Profiles Professional or Naviplan seem to be the best fit for me.  Since I have used SunGard I am after opinions on the current Profiles and Naviplan solutions.  Anyone care to offer their insight?


BTW, I did look at previous posts and got some good info from them.  Haven't seen much about Profiles Professional though or comparisons between any of the above three platforms.

Apr 2, 2011 5:27 am

SunGard is really good and number of people are using it. I am one of them.