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Research Management Platforms

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Dec 15, 2020 5:31 pm

Hi All! I’m new here and had a quick question for you around your research management. I currently work for an RIA and we run lean. We have a problem where our research efforts are fragmented, lack transparency and collaboration. I used to work at JP Morgan and BofA (and other big funds) where we use expensive research management platforms like Bloomberg, Sentieo, BipSync and others but they range between 10k-30k a year per user. At my small firm we currently use evernote or google docs but it does not really fit our need. What research mgmt platforms does your team(s) use? I have yet to find a reasonably priced one for RIAs.

If no good answers here I may just build a very simple one out. I imagine it as any existing Customer Relationship Management platform but instead of “Customers” it would be “Investments”. All real time data on stocks/bonds/etc and allows to take notes, upload files, etc with a group of people. Ability to create due diligence / a thesis and share it (we do this with clients). Would anyone else be interested in this?

I would love to hear what others are using and what technology is out there that I may be missing.