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Research Management Platforms

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Dec 15, 2020 5:31 pm

Hi All! I’m new here and had a quick question for you around your research management. I currently work for an RIA and we run lean. We have a problem where our research efforts are fragmented, lack transparency and collaboration. I used to work at JP Morgan and BofA (and other big funds) where we use expensive research management platforms like Bloomberg, Sentieo, BipSync and others but they range between 10k-30k a year per user. At my small firm we currently use evernote or google docs but it does not really fit our need. What research mgmt platforms does your team(s) use? I have yet to find a reasonably priced one for RIAs.

If no good answers here I may just build a very simple one out. I imagine it as any existing Customer Relationship Management platform but instead of “Customers” it would be “Investments”. All real time data on stocks/bonds/etc and allows to take notes, upload files, etc with a group of people. Ability to create due diligence / a thesis and share it (we do this with clients). Would anyone else be interested in this?

I would love to hear what others are using and what technology is out there that I may be missing.



Mar 28, 2022 9:19 pm

Hi Dane,

I realize this is a much-delayed response, but happy to help. Stansberry Investor Pro is an outsourced, investment research solution that has been published since 1999. Our research is driven by a team of over 30 analysts with a combined 175 years in the markets to create independent, actionable ideas.

Stansberry Investor Pro provides forward-thinking investment research delivered through an intuitive platform that incorporates unique and analytical tools to help advisors make investment selections for their clients.

We would be happy to help, please visit for additional information or drop me a line @ [email protected].