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Great Free Crm and some Great Organizational Tools today ; 20 years of Digging to develop the list

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Oct 19, 2011 2:51 pm

I have used all the Crm's from Bill Good to Act, Telemagic,, and I've settled on Zoho

Which I love!. ( almost free ) unless you upgrade it for email integration ( which I do ).

So I use Zoho for Crm,

Gmail for personal email , and I get my corporate email forwarded there to alert me.

Google Calendar only for meetings

Remember the Milk for Task Management , Todo's

Google Documents for Spreadsheets, Wordprocessing, and keeping track of Pdf's. (Paperless)

AQ Conference for Web Conferencing $20/month

All the Wall Street and traditional news headlines instantly updated from Twitter ; I use TWEETss


I prefer Gmail Calendar strictly for my meetings, and I use Zoho for lists of who to call, when etc.

My 2c