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Asset allocation slice and dice tool

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Jun 24, 2021 4:24 am


I have been looking for a tool that can help me with asset allocation in ETF-based portfolios. I want to be able to start from an existing portfolio (say, for example, a robo-advisor portfolio, or some ‘lazy portfolio’-type of allocation), and adjust weighting based on my investment views, relative valuation, etc. I’m not aware of existing tools on platforms, so if this exists, I’d love to know about it.

I could use Excel I suppose, but I’d like something that I can re-visit more often and have it updated automatically. I can envision starting with a few allocation decisions: 1) Cash vs Portfolio, 2) Equity, FI, Alts allocation within the Portfolio, 3) Developed vs Emerging, 4) By Region, 5) by Country, 6) by sector (GICS or M*). Bonus points for taking these allocations/weights of specific ETFs, and allocating them among accounts with different tax treatments to minimize taxes (for a US based investor).

Does something like this already exist out there? If so, how much is it, and how good is the data? I strongly dislike it when, say, a gold allocation gets grouped somewhere that doesn’t make sense.