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Sep 12, 2007 2:19 pm

Has anyone else had a bunch of fcs leave from greener (pun intended) pastures in the past couple months? My branch has been hit hard and I’m curious to see who else is going through the same thing.

Sep 15, 2007 1:36 pm

To follow up on my last post, it seems that msot fcs leaving AGE are taking the bulk of their assets and the recruiters are semi-swarming again.  I must be the only AGE fc who works in an office like that.

Sep 15, 2007 1:39 pm

I was calling around firms for a junior, and the AGE guys were hot to talk. A little timid of the follow-up with me, though.

Sep 15, 2007 9:11 pm

I always wondered what a troll was, thanks!

Sep 16, 2007 10:53 am

Not one has left our office of 14 FC’s. Nor has any FA or other staff.