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Thinking of going indy, any tips?

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Feb 3, 2012 11:31 pm

Appreciate all the comments. I’m young in the business but a long way from mama’s basement. I did the work from home thing my 1st 6 selling months at Jones, so I know what that’s like. I’d say it’s more a barrier for me than it ever was for any of my clients. I’m not exactly dealing with the Trumps, the clients I have appreciated me visiting them at their house, or buying them breakfast, some of them I still haven’t seen face to face ever. I hated it though because I was always waiting for the “where’s your office?” question, but to tell you honestly it probably came up 10 times, in speaking to thousands of people. The bank made me a firm offer today, and it is base plus a reasonable commission grid. I have been researching the firms Element suggested and I’ve got 10 days to make a decision on the offer. I again appreciate the feedback from the forum and it’s making the independent route seem more plausible.

Thanks again

Feb 7, 2012 5:50 pm


Having been in your shoes, some friendly advice...If I were you I would do everything possible to try to make the indy route work.  Banks are not necessarily bad places to  be, but you have to be very careful.  Especially when you're a salaried employee, banks have the ability to change things anytime they want.  My grid was changed retroactively...that sucks!  I'm by no means saying NOT to go to the bank, just be careful and make sure that indy is for sure not the right route for you.  You have the experience from building a business at Jones to make the indy thing work.  You'll be surprised at how well you can do putting that skill and instinct you picked up at Jones to work for you instead of the GPs.  Good luck!

Feb 16, 2012 7:07 pm

Mar 5, 2012 9:30 pm

We would love to speak with you.  I'll send you a private message.