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Dec 14, 2007 8:49 pm

I recently attended a short teleconference with Zach Gronich of RIA IN A which was sponsored by the Financial Advisor Netzone blog.

I found Zach to be extremely knowledgeable about the processes and procedures involved in forming an RIA.  Surprisingly, he wasn’t really there to pitch his consulting service (which I have heard is worth the money if only for the amount of frustration and gnashing of teeth it saves)  Instead, he just laid out things in plain English.

I think if you go to that blog and scroll down there is a link to a recorded version of the teleconference.  I listened to it again.  Not sure if this still working but here it is:

Listen To “So You’ve Decided to Become An RIA” On Your Phone… (NOTE: This option is available for a limited time only)

Dial - (641) 715-3443
Enter Access Code - 247444#

Dec 14, 2007 11:14 pm

Oh I get it…you’re not a shill for Van Yoder, you’re shilling for “Financial Advisor Netzone blog”.

Are they paying you by the hour or by the click?

Dec 21, 2007 12:37 am

Sorry to disappoint you-but I am not schilling for anyone.  I just like the material and find it useful.

Yes, the blogger is a friend of mine, but she is also trying to be a friend to other agents and advisors by spending evenings away from the day job trying to find GOOD COMPANIES.

You must never have been to one of the webinars because it is a standing rule that there is no pitching allowed.  99.9% must content.  Presenter is allowed to have one slide with contact information at the very end.    I went to two of them and they were very informative and content-rich.

The FAN publisher told me she used to believe that all the time and unpaid hours she put into the thing were worthwhile to hook us up with great resources. But after she read your posts to me (what a welcome!) she is thinking otherwise.

It’s my fault anyway.   FAN blog was started because I, and another California advisor who read the site she wrote told TD that advisors would appreciate having somewhere to find out good information and good players in marketing,sales, and training industry; people who might be able to help them without ripping them off.

We were wrong… Our industry is full of opportunistic, greedy, lazy, people who run from one quick-fix, sure-thing “guru” to another in the vain hope of avoiding anything which might be construed as WORK  (ex: prospecting, follow up, marketing…)

This is something the Larry Kleins and Javelin Marketings of the world are smart enough to know and it is why they still exist.

"A sucker is born (into financial services) every minute."

Thanks for the warm welcome.  Hasta la vista…