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Requesting RIA Input - Muni access

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Nov 6, 2014 7:27 pm


I am researching a business enabling retail investors better access and pricing to municipal bond primary issuances. The service would allow retail true access to primary issuances at the issue pricing. That is obviously a high level description, but want to keep it short.

I'd love to get the input of the RIA community here of your interest in such a product for your clients.

- If you are currently investing in Munis for your clients, can you forsee yourself leveraging a new service that provides better access (and pricing in some cases) to those same products? Comments?

- If you aren't currently investing in Munis for your clients, and you would like to but haven't because of access or pricing issues, I'd love to hear from you to chat further to learn. You can PM and we can chat.

You feedback is much appreciated!

Thank you.