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Looking to transition to an RIA

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Jan 7, 2012 7:16 am

I currently work in accounting/operations for a mutual fund servicing firm but I am looking to make the transition to a more front office role this year.  After much reading and under the advisement of a few EDJ and Schwab friends, it seems the best way to go is to team up with an established RIA and work under an IAR while building a book.  I will be taking the second CFA exam this summer, and my expertise lies more in portfolio management, as well as mutual fund operations.  I have worked on several mutual fund and series trust start ups and feel I have a wealth of valuable experience for an independent shop (especially ones considering an in house fund), but I obviously lack financial sales experience.  I received some valuable advice from the RR community before and figured I would pool your collective expertise again - what would be the best way to start out?  Would a Jr. position at an RIA allow me to build a book while providing enough income to live on?  Any and all advice is welcome.  Please feel free to rip me if I sound like a complete moron, I don't mind as long as it saves me time and money.