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Investing in-house partnership

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Sep 26, 2012 6:00 pm

I currently work for a well known NYC based equity hedge fund but over the last few years have come to think the fragmentation in the wealth management space and limited opportunities for individuals to invest with high quality money managers creates a huge untapped opportunity. My returns in equities and credit have been great over the past several years but I have no experience or client relationships in wealth management since I have only focused on the investment side of the business. I am very interested in meeting an RIA looking to go independent to set up a partnership or join an already established RIA as a partner to take investments in-house and change the fee structure so that the RIA could reap more of the value of high quality capital compounding in-house. This model cuts out the middleman (whether it’s a mutual fund or big bank) and replaces it with a better money manager and fees in house. I realize any relationship like this will take months of vetting on both sides but please message me if this is of interest.