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Independent reps offering private placements

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Jul 1, 2014 7:06 pm

I'm testing a concept and am looking for honest feedback from experienced independent reps, especially those affiliated with broker dealers that support private placements. At the end of this post there are three quick questions, and I'd appreciate your thoughts and insight in helping me shape a part of my business.

The Background

REPSE helps accredited investors, high net worth individuals and family offices invest in real estate projects. Working with real estate developers and syndicators, we issue shares in projects which investors can buy just like other private equity offerings

We are hoping to partner with registered reps who have experience (and licenses) facilitating investments in private placements. 

Each deal a rep assists us in funding would have a commission, based on a percentage of the amount funded. The rep (and their BD) would keep the full commission. REPSE itself is not registered, but instead would be compensated based on participation in the project through carried interest.

The Questions

(a) as a rep, would you be interested in this kind of opportunity?

(b) what is the reason for your response?

(c) would reps ever collaborate on bigger deals to fundraise larger projects, and if so how would they split compensation?

(bonus question) do you see a better way for us to do this?

Please respond, and if you have any great insights feel free to also contact me directly:

[email protected]