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How to Pass the Series 7 the First time

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Jan 23, 2015 1:58 am

If you are reading this, you are currently preparing for or about to take the Series 7 exam.

I am writing this post because I want to share my thoughts and experience with you now that I passed. Like me, you need to pass the Series 7 and probably Series 66; (or 63, which I am studying for now; If you don't pass, you may be let go... True I have seen lots of people in my program let go. Sad but true.

So how did I do it...

* I took the whole process very seriously and studied everyday.

* I chose some great online materials, watched videos, read and did lots and lots of questions

* I had a amazing tutor who knew the material inside out and was such a great help.

In studying for the Series 7 it is important to have a master plan and do not cram. You are learning new material, think of it as a new language. You are learning the language of the financial markets. While some people will tell you to just do questions....I disagree... You need a foundation before you can build a house. watch Videos, take a class online or in person. Here is my method for studying efficiently and succeeding.

Get Great Study Materials:  Get Kaplan or study materials with their online practice questions and exams. Watch their Videos and read each chapter carefully, then do questions related to that topic. After each chapter - try 20 exam problems related specifically to that topic. If you are getting the right answers move on, if not, do lots more problems until you get it.  Be patient.  Continue this method and finish the book as soon as possible - you are just getting started. You should put most of your time to learning how to interpret and apply the material.

Study Hard / Keep your eye on the prize:   After going through the material once,  start taking full tests.  See how did you do....   if not so well hit the books again and re-read some of the sections you are struggling on.  

Consider Hiring a Tutor:   At a certain point, rather than beating my head against the wall I reached out to a tutor at and it greatly sped up my study time dramatically.... They were great in teaching me the material, interpreting questions and how to apply the information to get the questions right.  And there prices were surprisingly reasonable.  

Don't be complacent:   Remember do not think that because your score is  72 on the practice exam that you are done...  No way...  This is a huge mistake.  Stay on your studying and hopefully your scores will keep going up. ' If your scores don't, keep at it or reach out to a tutor.   Well worth it..

Final words of encouragement: As difficult as this process may seem,  if you made it through college you can pass this exam.  Keep focused, study hard, do hundreds of questions and consider  getting a experienced tutor to get the wind at your back. 

Best of luck.

Apr 10, 2015 6:49 pm

Thanks, this is really helpful.
If I get a tutor at series7tutor what kind of prices am I looking at? is it all online in a webinar?