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Getting Data from American Funds or Vanguard into Morningstar Office

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Mar 3, 2012 1:41 pm

I am a new RIA and am trying to work through identifying companies that will have data that will import directly into Morningstar Office for reporting and billing.   Is anyone aware of whether American Funds or Vanguard have the ability to do a direct import into Morningstar Office?  I also use byallaccounts, but their data feeds always seem to have nuances that make importing a bit more difficult, so I would rather the data comes directly from the company.  If there are any other mutual fund companies that do this as well, please let me know.   I primarily am looking for this so I can directly manage 529 plans and select mutual funds at the fund company instead of incurring fairly high ticket charges through TD Ameritrade, which is my present custodian.

Thanks for any help in advance.