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Getting into the business

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Aug 28, 2012 11:22 pm

Long time reader, rare poster.

About me:

Corporate financial analyst on the west coast.  About to finish my MBA, sitting the level 2 CFA exam next June.  Series 65.  Went through the paperwork of starting an RIA and have a licence to operate.

I've been so busy with my day job (which is paying for my MBA), school, and CFA studies that I haven't made time to prospect and have no clients.  

I plan on relocating and pursuing investment management full time after passing level II. 

I'd like to get some hands on experience working with some folks in the business before really going out on my own, which I should've figured out while starting up an RIA.  However, I also figure most people aren't interested in training up someone who they suspect will be taking assets when they leave.  I'd like to find a retiring advisor and buy a book of business and some training.  I spoke to one gentleman who didn't want to sell his book to a rookie.  What's the best route to take?  How should I go about networking to advisors in the area I've decided to move?

Staying out of the business and remaining in corp. finannce and going commission based are the only things I'm not willing to do.