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The Fund's investment scope The Fund is an equity

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Feb 22, 2012 4:44 am

the Fund served as the Fund Manager: Mr. Cai Lihui, December 11, Replica Christian louboutin 2009 to February 2011, 26, has managed the fund. Reference (5) members of the Investment Committee of the names and positions of Lee elected to the the Evening dresses 2012 Lintong Tong, general manager, deputy general manager and chief investment Christian louboutin shoes officer to Tsao Chin, research director Shao Ji Yong, stock investments, director and chief fengjinxin Dynamic Strategy Fund Manager, HSBC Jin letter low-carbon Vanguard fund iphone managers and fengjinxin Vanguard fund managers. Fund managers can also need to add or replace staff. (6) The staff does not exist between near relatives. Prom dresses 2012 Second, the fund custodian Name: China Construction Bank Corporation (referred to as: China Construction Bank) Replica watches residence: Xicheng District, Beijing Financial Street, on the 25th office address: Xicheng District, Beijing, busy port Fake rolex watches Avenue, Building 1, Legal representative: Zhang Jianguo (acting) Established: September 17, 2004 forms of Cheap Christian louboutin shoes organization: Corporation registered capital: Erqian three hundred the Sanshi Lu billion Baqian nine hundred zero Ba Wan Siqian Yuan RMB Replica rolex duration of: continuing operations qualification for fund trust approvals and Symbol: SFC-based word of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Replica watches [1998] on the 12th Contact: Yoon Dong Fund through the selection with continued growth potential of small and medium-sized dominant louboutin pink glitter pumps enterprises to take full advantage of its growth for the industry leading process reflects the high growth, sustainability and the market value of high-speed expansion brought Fake rolex investment opportunities to seek long-term value of the capital. , the Fund's investment scope The Fund is an equity fund investment include the legally christian louboutin online sale issued, listed stocks, bonds, financial bonds, corporate bonds, central bank bills, convertible bonds, warrants, asset-backed securities Christian louboutin shoes as well as national securities regulatory body allows fund investment in Summer dresses other financial instruments. Such as after the laws and regulations or regulatory agencies to allow the Fund to invest in other species, and fund Prom dresses managers in the performance of due process, can be included in Replica rolex the investment range. Fund's portfolio ratio: 85% -95% of the equity ratio range of the Fund's assets, warrants Cheap Wedding dresses investment ratio range of the Fund's net asset value of Spagetti Straps Wedding Dresses 0% -3%. Investment ratio range of fixed income securities and cash assets for the Fund's 5% -15%, in cash or maturity within one year of government Cheap rolex replica bonds, investment ratio not less than 5% of the Fund's net asset value.