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Financial Web Names for RIA, Independent, How TO:

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Apr 20, 2011 5:16 pm

Have you ever purchased a financial web address for your practice RIA or Independent practice?

What makes a good domain name?


Good extension- If a person is surfing around looking for a site, and they know its
name or service, most people will try .com. Get a .com name.

2. Trust - Does your web address create “instant trust” with your prospects.

3. Radio / Phone

Make sure it passes the Radio / Phone test: if you were to say the
domain name of your website to a friend over the phone or on the Radio,
would your friend be able to spell it correctly the first time without
your having to spell it for them? Avoid using dashes in your domain

4. Descriptive -
A good site or business name will describe “exactly” what the site is
about. In most cases it’s important for a person to be able to get some
sort of sense what the website is about just by reading the domain name.
This will create trust.

5. Keywords

Include descriptive keywords that “describe your business”, product
or services in your domain name. This will play a very large part, in
some cases, in increasing your search engine ranking for search phrases
that include the keywords used in your domain name.

Apr 20, 2011 7:53 pm or  might be available, check into it.  I might be interested.