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EJ pursuing training costs

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Jul 24, 2015 7:08 pm

I wish I had found this board before I signed with EJ - I left EJ and went indy about a year after my can/sell date - I wasn't meeting expectations & was about to lose all of my base salary - so was about to be working for peanuts for EJ. Plus, I hated the firm and it' say one thing, but do another attitude.  Over a month after I left, I got a letter from a law firm stating EJ wanted their $75k training costs back. I ignored it, so they sent another letter a month later. This time, I responded, asked for an accounting of the so-called $75k and told them that it was bogus b/c it was more than they even paid me. Now they're stating that they WILL be filing a FINRA arbitration suit.  Any one ever successfully fought one of these? I had a small office and have had less than 10% of clients follow me.