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401k fiduciary platforms- fee based

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Apr 13, 2009 6:12 pm
I am interested in what other RIA's use for 401k platforms in a fee based model.   I am especially interested in fee transparency- revenue sharing back to sponsor( sub ta's, 12b, shelf space etc..) Fiduciary coverage, how so? Investment monitoring and reporting. ready for 408(b)2 regulations etc...   We currently use The Standard platform( originally Invesmart).  They sign off as a full fiduciary for the investments.  They provide good monitoring reports and are completely transparent on fees.  All revenue is shown and shared back to the plan after their platform charge.   I have looked into others but, they don't credit the 12b's or they don't sign off as fiduciary etc....   I need to have some competition for them when I present and prospect.  They are also expensive if under 1 million in assets.  We charge .25 to .40 to manage the plan and consult to trustees and participants.  I have heard that is cheap as well.  Any platforms or thoughts would be appreciated.   Thanks