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WMS and CFP questions

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Feb 6, 2008 1:03 am

What do you guys think of the designations from Kaplan like the WMS? Obviously
its not a CFP but is that sort of thing worth getting if you are to
inexperienced to get the CFP?

Also with the CFP I understand there is an education requirement but do you need to take a CFP course if you already have a BA or BS?

Feb 6, 2008 1:31 am

If a designation isn’t an EXEMPTED designation for becoming your own RIA, then I’d probably skip it.

  That boils it down to:  CFP, ChFC, CFA, CPA/PFS.   Check with your state and you can get a better feel for which designations are of quality.   If a designation isn't exempted by your state's department of insurance, then I'd probably skip that one as well - for insurance designations.   That boils those down to:  CLU and LUTCF.