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Who is using Bill Good Marketing?

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Jun 21, 2007 8:03 am

I performed a search and found this topic hasn’t been covered in a awhile.  I’m thinking of investing in Bill Good’s system.  It’s about $10k to get started…that’s a lot of marketing money.  Is there any one out there who is currently using his system?  What kind of success are you having?

Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Jun 21, 2007 2:20 pm

I wanted to use the sysyem however my firm's compliance dept wasn't enthusiastic about the letters in BG's system. I personally disagree with my compliance dept as there is nothing wrong with the letters. Be that as it may, I realized I was fighting a losing battle.

That said, it is an excellent system and from what i can see worth every dime if it's worked correctly. To do that requires at least a part time sales assistant.

Because the system is mail dependant the up front cost is just the beginning. Mailing cost, totally in your control, could be several thousand dollars per month. However, when you think about it this is no different than any other business. A farmer needs a tractor to prepare his fields. Yet, the tractor is only a tool that makes him no money. He still needs to put out money for seed, fertilizer, gas etc. Same with BG's system. It's only a tool. However, if used correctly it will lead to big production.

Jun 21, 2007 5:30 pm

Our team is using the Bill Good system.  We recently renewed the service (originally used it 8-10 years ago).  It really can help you stay organized and as long as you keep hitting your prospecting numbers, your pipeline will consistently be loaded.  It's too easy let prospects and other contacts, as well as clients, slip through the cracks without hearing from you. 

It is still up to you to work hard to make it work.  Bill Good doesn't cold call for you.  Also, expect to take at least a month to grasp the system before you get it humming.

BondGuy is right as usual, you definitely need a part time sales assistant or even a junior broker.  We have a part time computer operator just to do the data entry and print out letters, etc...

When it is all said and done, brokers have been both successful and failed with and without the system.  If you look at your practice and think you could be better organized and need a way to keep in touch with people/suspects/prospects/clients more, their system and marketing material will easily pay for itself sooner or later.