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The Simpsons: great show, worht watching

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Sep 28, 2011 5:57 am

[url=]The Simpsons DVD[/url] is a cartoon recognized by everyone and everywhere. The humour is different than other shows, such as Family Guy or American Dad, which are both great too. [url=]The Closer DVD[/url] Overall an amazing comedy/cartoon. Nothing they create now will ever come close. Well done Matt Groening for creating an absolute masterpiece. [url=]True Blood DVD[/url] The show has created sort of an alternate America, where it's one step in our reality but at the same time one step away. [url=]Entourage DVD[/url] Most of what they have is similar to what we have but there are some unique features that make Springfield stand apart. Let alone the great animation which has created in great detail that surealistic funny universe. [url=]NCIS DVD[/url] The Simpsons: great show, and worht watching.