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Simple changes that brought big returns

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Oct 7, 2010 11:01 am

Hey Gad-

Count me in the legions of those who think your system is beautiful in its structure and simplicity.  I'm 6 months in, doing fine, but need to be MUCH more organized and diciplined.  Your system seems to provide both.

2 questions-

1- Except for the handwritten note, do you have any opinion on sending subsequent items via email vs post office?

2- From week 4 on, on any given day don't you have to send 40 notes, 40 bios to last weeks contacts, 40 samples to contacts from 2 weeks ago, and make 40 idea calls to contacts from 3 weeks ago?  That seems like a LOT ! 

Am I missing something, or is that 'the system'??  Either way, I'm in!